Ultimate Alum Kelli Bates Wins 2017 UW Bring It Award

Congratulations to Kelli Bates on her phenomenal career at the University of Wisconsin and for winning the 2017 UW Bring It award!

The “BRING IT” Award goes to the player that best embodies a “Bring It!” attitude. She is a player that consistently shows up to play and practice each and every day. A player tht after an error or a loss is able to refocus quickly and have an attitude that says “Let’s go again.” She is an athlete that is consistently practicing on her competitive edge, shows tremendous leadership in times of success and adversity and is a player that i always supporting her teammates in order to build a positive system and community. This attitude is out front in everything she does, whether it is in the weight room, the class room, or when the team is down and up against the ropes. No matter what the situation is, or how big the challenge is, this player will always bring their best and always believes success is right in front of them.