2019 Ultimate Beach Volleyball for Boys and Girls

Ultimate is pleased to offer our ninth season of competitive beach volleyball. Beach volleyball is played as doubles, maximizing the number of contacts for each player. The increased number of touches allows each player to improve his or her passing, attacking, setting, serving, defense, stamina, agility, speed, jump, confidence, and volleyball IQ. Beach volleyball can change a position player to an all-around player. Tournaments are played in the sand, and many are offered on Lake Michigan beaches. Ultimate coaches direct practices and supervise tournaments; however, coaching is not allowed during match play. This rule helps players learn more about strategy and become more assertive on the court. Beach volleyball presents a unique opportunity to have fun while playing hard and improving. It also may present the chance to play in college since the NCAA has added beach volleyball as a collegiate sport.


Tournament Entry Form – 12-14U
Tournament Entry Form – High School Boys
Tournament Entry Form – High School Girls
Uniform Order Form

Age Groups for Tournaments: 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U

A note to 12U: Some tournaments this year will be 12U, but others have 14U as the youngest division.  Ultimate 12’s and 13’s have played up in the past and have been successful.

Boys: Generally there are 14U, 16U, and 18U divisions for boys, but sometimes the older boys play in the lowest men’s division.

Who Can Play?

Ultimate Beach Volleyball is open to current Ultimate Indoor players.  Registration deadline for the Ultimate program is Wednesday, May 29, 2019. Spots are limited; registration will close when all team spots are filled. All players must register with a partner.

The Season

The beach volleyball program consists of up to three weeks of  intensive beach volleyball training plus weekly three-hour partner-play session.. The intensive beach volleyball training weeks will focus on drills to develop  individual skills and techniques unique to beach volleyball, while once-a-week partner-play sessions will develop communication and strategy between partners. Players are free to select between one and three weeks of intensive beach volleyball training before partner-play sessions begin. Ideally players will attend the same training weeks as their partners.  Training weeks and partner-play session dates are listed below.

Training Week One
June 24-27
You’ll be placed in either the 9:00-10:30 or 10:30-12:00 session.

Training Week Two
July 1, 2, 3 and 5
You’ll be placed in either the 9:00-10:30 or 10:30-12:00 session.

Training Week Three
July 8-11
You’ll be placed in either the 9:00-10:30 or 10:30-12:00 session.

Partner- Play (All Girls and Boys 12-14U)
Once a week for 3 weeks July 15-Aug 1
Boys 12-14U Weekday TBD 9:00-12:00
Girls 12-14U Weekday TBD 9:00-12:00
HS Girls Weekday TBD 9:00-12:00

Partner-Play (Boys 15-18U)
Once a week for 4 weeks July 15-Aug 8
Boys 15-18U Weekday TBD 9:00-12:00

Training and partner-play sessions for all ages will be held at Main Park in Frankfort or at Hallmark Sportsclub in the event of heavy rain.

Beach tournaments are offered almost every weekend during the season. Ultimate teams select their own tournament dates from a list of all tournaments offered on our Tournament Selection Form, which you will receive via email after registration.


Fees for the season are listed in the table below. Tournament fees are separate, and are generally $30-$35 per player.

Option A
All Girls and 12-14U Boys
1 Week Training – Partner Play Sessions/3 weeks
Cost: $150

Option B
All Girls and 12-14U Boys
2 Weeks Training – Partner Play Sessions/3 weeks
Cost: $200

Option C
All Girls and 12-14U Boys
3 Weeks Training – Partner Play Sessions/3 weeks
Cost: $250

Option D
Boys 15-18U
1 Week Training – Partner Play Sessions/4 weeks
Cost: $175

Option E
Boys 15-18U
2 Weeks Training – Partner Play Sessions/4 weeks
Cost: $225

Option F
Boys 15-18U
3 Weeks Training – Partner Play Sessions/4 weeks
Cost: $275


Print and fill out the Registration Contract and return it to Ultimate VBC/Hallmark SportsClub by Wednesday, May 29, accompanied by payment.  After registration is closed, participants will be contacted with specific practice information. The Uniform Order Form is due with the registration contract.


Tournament Entry Form – 12-14U
Tournament Entry Form – High School Boys
Tournament Entry Form – High School Girls
Uniform Order Form


Girls will have the choice of ordering an Ultimate tank top or Ultimate sports bra top and can wear any shorts of their choice.  Boys will order an Ultimate tank top and wear shorts of their choice.  Returning players may use previous years’ uniform or order new items this year. The Beach Uniform Order Form and payment are due with the Registration Contract.

Coordinators and Coaches

Shannon Marie Shannon, Coordinator
Coach Shannon is the head coach for Ultimate’s instructional programs and Beach Volleyball program. At USAV Beach Nationals, she has led two girls 14U teams to second place finishes and one top 5 finish, and two boys 14U teams and three 16U teams to top 5 finishes.  Coach Shannon directed and coached Clash Volleyball Club in Manassas, Virginia, for 14 years.  Prior to that, she coached in the Chicago area at Marian Catholic H.S., Windy City VBC, and Smash VBC. As an athlete, she was a Junior Olympic All-American and an All-District collegiate setter for Hillsdale College.

Kerry Shannon, Assistant Coordinator
Coach Shannon enters her eighth year with Ultimate’s beach program. She also supervises and coaches indoor teams, and is an administrator for the club. Prior to Ultimate, she was an Assistant Volleyball Coach for Lynchburg College and coached teams, camps, and instructional classes for Clash Volleyball Club in Virginia. As a player, she was a First Team All-State libero; she then played at Merrimack College. As a beach coach, she has helped coach Ultimate teams to five top five finishes at USAV Beach Nationals.

Stewart Solomon, Head Coach
Coach Solomon joined Ultimate Beach in 2018 after moving to the area from California.  He was the Cal State Dominguez Women’s Asst. Coach in 2008 and a ten-year coach at Southern California Volleyball Club. He coached his SCVC teams to a first-place finish at AAU Junior Nationals in 2015, captured a second-place Open finish at Boys’ Junior Nationals in 2014 and a second-place finish at Boys’ Junior Nationals in 2013.  He was also the JV Girls’ Coach, South High School, Torrance, CA and former Boys’ Varsity Head Coach at Peninsula High School. He was a first-Team All-League player at Peninsula High School and played collegiately for El Camino College, where he was named All-Conference.  He has extensive beach volleyball experience, playing on the beaches of California, where he also developed as a beach coach, heading the boys’ high school beach program at South High School.

Michelle Kirby, Head Coach
Coach Kirby has coached Ultimate’s beach program for four years, helping Ultimate teams earn five top five finishes at USAV Beach Nationals.  She is a fifteen-year club coach who has qualified her Uno VBC teams for USAV Junior Olympics. Coach Kirby was an NCAA All-American setter at North Park University.  As a junior player, she competed for 2nd City VBC and Bottom Line VBC. She was a two-time All-Conference setter at Andrew High School.