2017 Ultimate alumni news

Kori Johnson ties career-high block record at DuQuesne University

Abby Freeman posts 18 kills for Greenville College

Kelli Bates Leads Number 5 Wisconsin

Maria Brown Excels at Eastern Illinois

Kayla Currier in the Action for Valpo

Fifer and Walsh Playing Pro Volleyball in Europe

Tom Carmody Selected for US Team

Kyisha Hunt Athlete of the Week at UIC

Kori Johnson of Duquesne, National Girls and Women in Sport Day

Ashtyn Kapovich Selected to Volleyball Tour in Brazil

Michael Kulinski Thrives at MIT

Jessica Lindsay Leads Ball State to Victory

Spencer Sauter Joins AVP after Career at Penn State

Sanil Thomas Dishes out Wins at Ohio State

Ashley Sledge Begins Collegiate Career at U of W Green Bay

Michael Wexter Dreaming Big at Pepperdine

Joe Kenzinger Joins Ultimate Alum Jake Walenga at Lewis